Rentokil Initial

Our company values

Why Have Values?

At Rentokil Initial we believe that a clear set of values, owned and lived by colleagues, can make a fundamental difference to how we go about our work. Our aim has therefore been to find those values which are ‘right’ for everyone, so that we feel able to own and live them. This shared agreement will help deliver our company strategy.

We have three shared values - Service, Teamwork and Relationships.

We believe that by living these values our colleagues are able to deliver better customer service, operational excellence, growth, cost control and to grow our capability.

Our three values were identified and developed by our colleagues around the world and so represent what our people feel is vital, whatever business or geography they work in. Supporting each of our values is a set of behaviours that we encourage our colleagues to use to guide them in their work. These behaviours were also developed by our colleagues around the world.

Service - We keep our promises
Teamwork - We support our colleagues
Relationships - We communicate

In Our Values in Action you’ll see how our colleagues are bringing these values and behaviours to life.