Rentokil Initial

RI in the Community

Rentokil Initial’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities focus particularly on its social and environmental contribution; linked to the Company’s overriding mission: Protecting People. Enhancing Lives.

In addition to CSR activities Rentokil Initial supports a range of charitable initiatives both locally and internationally. Some international charities that we have supported through the contribution of our colleagues and businesses include; Malaria No More and WaterAid. In addition there are also a number of country & regional initiatives with Helping Hands being an internal programme to match funds raised by colleagues for charitable causes.

Our aim is to inspire people to support their colleagues, customers and suppliers in their own community efforts. However this is not just in charitable giving but can also be through sharing time, skills and resources in the local programmes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programmes

As a part of our CSR strategy the Better Futures programme is a global community health programme, with projects in India, Indonesia and Malaysia. The RI volunteers who support the Better Futures programme deliver basic hygiene and sanitation presentations to school children and adults in the developing world. This includes modules and workshops on:

- Hand hygiene 
- Water hygiene 
- Flu hygiene 
- Road safety 
- Personal Safety

By engaging employees as volunteers with the program, Better Futures can have a very practical influence on the communities they support. For instance this includes outreach projects such as a clean-up drive in slum communities. This reinforces the importance of hygiene, not just on a personal level but on a communal level.

Better Futures focuses on educating the younger generations; mostly school children and those in orphanages. The health and safety information delivered in our programmes along with highly practical demonstrations aims to equip them with the knowledge to improve their health - as well as that of their families. Hence education is shared in the wider community.

In total, the programme has been delivered to over 12, 500 children & adults since it began in 2013. We feel this is a significant achievement of which we are immensely proud !